Man stabbed dog who attacked him

A man who stabbed a dog that had leapt out of a car and bit him, has been ordered to pay the veterinarian’s bill for the emergency operation the dog needed.

He was also sentenced to do 100 hours’ community work, but has declined a restorative justice meeting with the owners.

Brian Charles Akurangi, 52, pleaded guilty to the charge of ill-treating the dog by stabbing it twice with a knife, in the Christchurch District Court today.

In March, Akurangi pushed his bike up a driveway past a car, and the dog leapt out at him and bit his arm. Akurangi landed on the ground and hit his head, then went inside his house and grabbed a knife. He stabbed the dog twice.

Defence counsel April Kelland said Akurangi had been traumatised by the attack, and was dazed and concerned about children playing outside. He admitted it was an inappropriate way to act, and moved address after the incident.

Judge Jane Farish said the circumstances were unusual, and sentenced Akurangi to 100 hours’ community work and a reparation payment of $1417 for the veterinarian’s bill.

She noted that no action had been taken against the dog that bit him.

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