High risk offender jailed for ESO breaches

File image. © Andrew Bardwell

A high risk sex offender has been jailed for his 20th and 21st breaches of his extended supervision order.

Fifty-one-year-old Darren Albert Jolly had 19 earlier convictions for breaching the same order since 2011. The order expires in 2023.

Jolly cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet in Nelson on December 26, 2016, and was arrested near Pegasus, North Canterbury, on State Highway 1 about 11.35pm on December 27.

Today in Christchurch District Court probation officer Steve Anderson said another charge had been laid of breaching his order by associating with a person under the age of 16 between December 5 and 23, 2016, without the written approval of a Probation Officer.

Jolly had more than 110 convictions for sex with underage girls, indecent sex acts, fraud, theft, assault, and dangerous driving, and had an extended supervision order imposed on him in the Hamilton District Court in 2011.

The order banned him from computers, going near schools, parks, and playgrounds, and not associating with people under 16 years old.

Defence counsel Rupert Ward said Jolly pleaded guilty to the new charge, and knew prison was inevitable.

He said Jolly was extremely anxious and stressed, and apart from the breaches had not offended since 2004.

Jolly had offended in the past, and was doing everything in his limited capacity not to offend any further, he said.

Judge Paul Kellar said Jolly had been re-inducted to the ESO after some of the breaches, and was reminded of the terms and conditions of the order.

He said a psychological report said at times of stress Jolly’s coping skills became overwhelming and he had poor judgment and impulsive behaviour leading to more breaches.

He had borderline intellectual function, and suffered from social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder, which led to the abuse of young females to relieve loneliness and boredom, the report said.

Jolly was assessed at a high risk of re-offending and further harm, and had a sense of entitlement, his pre-sentence probation report said.

Judge Kellar sentenced Jolly to 13 months in prison.

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