Child sex abuse porn offender admits stop outside school

An Internet child sex abuse pornography offender has admitted parking outside a school for six minutes while serving his home detention sentence.

The 49-year-old father will remain in custody for sentencing on October 5 on the charge of breaching his home detention.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tom Gilbert asked for an updated report on the man’s suitability for another home detention term, but said: “It seems like a long shot.”

The man’s name is suppressed until his sentencing, when the judge said the issue would have to be re-argued and asked for submissions from Crown prosecutor Pip Norman to cover the issue.

The man had earlier agreed to a review of the home detention sentence and today pleaded guilty to the breach on the day a judge-alone trial had been scheduled.

The Community Probation Service had asked for the home detention sentenced to be reviewed because the man was aggressive and hostile towards probation officers.

Miss Norman said the man’s sentence began in January and had been due to run until January 2018.

On February 28, the man was allowed an approved absence from the home detention address for an appointment, and was required to travel directly home after the activity and not take any unapproved stops on the way.

People on home detention wear electronic bracelets which allow GPS tracking.

His monitoring staff noticed that he stopped outside a primary school for about six minutes. He explained that he stopped because he was on the phone, but was not able to provide proof of the call and he would not hand over his phone for a Probation Office to check.

Probation commented: “The location in which he chose to stop based on his offending history shows a lack of insight into his own risk while putting himself into a high risk situation in stopping outside a school for a number of minutes.”

The man was sentenced in January for trading in child sex abuse videos involving 45 individual child victims, who had not been identified. He had admitted using a peer-to-peer file sharing system which meant the files on his computer could be accessed by others and this had happened 16 times.

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