Denials of organised crime charges

Police allege six people were involved in an organised criminal group carrying out Christchurch burglaries, and have laid about 100 charges.

Fifty burglary charges have been seen against four people who have appeared at the Christchurch District Court so far.

The four have pleaded not guilty to most charges and have been remanded in custody to a case review hearing on October 3. Three of them appeared by video-link from the prison at court last week and were further remanded.

The fourth, Alexander James McCormick, 26, appeared earlier and was also remanded to October on 13 burglary charges, arson of a car, theft from a car, and five of dishonestly using a document – bank and credit cards.

Sharn Robert Noble, 20, faces a total of 39 charges: 18 burglaries, 10 frauds, four thefts from cars, and other charges of possession of methamphetamine and utensils for using the class A drug, two arsons, unlawfully taking a car, and receiving stolen property.

Tyson Red Gray, 20, faces 19 charges: nine burglaries, three thefts from cars, three frauds, arson, theft, and unlawfully getting into a car.

Kieran Levi McGeorge, a 20-year-old upholsterer, faces 21 charges: 10 burglaries, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of cannabis and equipment for using it, three frauds, arson, theft from a car, disqualified driving, and a breach of bail.

Noble, Gray, and McGeorge all face charges of participating in an organised criminal group when they were “reckless as to whether their participation may contribute to the occurrence of burglaries”.

McCormick is listed as being part of the criminal group in the other men’s charges. Also listed are two women, but the status of the cases again them and the charges they face are not yet known.

The four men remain in custody.

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