Fracas after court room jump

A man was grabbed and subdued amongst the public seating after jumping from inside the dock in Christchurch’s main police court.

Tahina Edwards, 32, of Shirley, made his jump after 10.30am as he made his first appearance after his arrest on seven charges.

He was remanded in custody to November 23 by Judge Michael Crosbie, who stayed in the No 1 District Court during the fracas, which took place before Edwards’ family and supporters in the public seating.

The family and supporters shouted but did not intervene in the struggle.

Edwards had been arrested and held in custody overnight and was brought into the courtroom from the cells area.

He objected to being remanded for an appearance from the Christchurch Men’s Prison by video-link for his next court date. Edwards wanted to be brought to the Court House.

However, police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Scott argued that the appearance should be by video-link, and Judge Crosbie accepted that.

Edwards then made his leap over the wooden railing around the dock, which is topped by a glass barrier as well.

Police court escort staff and prosecutors grabbed him and brought him under control amongst the public seating. Court Security Officers helped control the crowd in the public gallery.

No-one was hurt. Lawyer Kiran Paima received a minor bump on the side of the head from the gear on a police officer’s belt as he rushed past where he was sitting.

Judge Crosbie thanked the police and court staff for the way in which they had reacted and handled the matter.

Edwards has entered no pleas to two charges of intentionally injuring a woman in September, burglary, threatening to kill, and unlawful possession of a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, and a home made taser.

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