Party rivalry leads to assault

File image. © Nevit Dilmen / Wikimedia commons
File image. © Nevit Dilmen / Wikimedia commons

Party rivalry led to a woman having her nose broken and another woman appearing in court.

The incident happened at an address in Blenheim Road on February 18, when there were parties happening upstairs and downstairs.

A woman threw a patio chair down from the upstairs party.

No-one was hurt, but the partygoers down below started throwing things back up.

When she realised she had started something, the woman went down to the flat below to apologise and cool things down.

Ebony Sheree Jessie Rapana met her at the door, punched her several times, and broke her nose.

She pleaded guilty to an assault charge in Christchurch District Court before Judge Phil Gittos.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson said Rapana was now a serving prisoner and was “making a good fist of her time in prison”. She was doing reintegration and anger management programmes.

“I’m not sure that ‘making a good fist of it’ is the right expression, Mr Johnson,” said the judge.

“Bad choice of words,” Johnson replied.

Judge Gittos said it was a violent and disturbing assault on someone who just wanted to apologise.

It came on top of Rapana’s record of assault convictions, and she was now serving a jail term for another assault.

He added a month to her current sentence. She’s due for release early next year.

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