Teen’s bail bid falls short

Lawyers will struggle hard to say something positive about a client, even one in a hopeless situation.

The main Christchurch court was told of a 19-year-old who was wanting release on bail after ended up back in court only two weeks after his previous sentencing and while he was under judicial monitoring.

He was also under intensive supervision and a community detention curfew but his lawyer was quick to point out that the police had picked the teenager up at 1pm – and that was not a breach of his curfew.

That was true, but the problem was that he had been found coming out of a property where the house had just been burgled.

The case has been put off, with Judge John Macdonald indicating he is unlikely to grant bail.

After waving his arm for a very long time while he stood in the dock, the youth was given a chance to speak.

“I didn’t even do any of this sh–,” he said.

“That’s pretty good. That’s helping your cause,” said the judge.

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