Drug importation over a year alleged

police-carA charge alleging repeated importation of small quantities of methamphetamine from South Africa has now been laid against a Christchurch childcare worker.

 The woman, who has continued name suppression, had originally been charged with importing the drug on July 24, after a package containing 8g of the class A drug was intercepted by Customs officers at the International Mail Centre in Auckland.

 The 37-year-old woman, who has a teenage son, was granted bail when she appeared in court three weeks ago.

 When she appeared before Judge David Holderness in the Christchurch District Court a second charge had been laid.

 It is a representative charge that now alleges a series of importations of small amounts of the drug from South Africa from January 2012 until the day before the original charge.

 Bridget Ayrey of the Public Defence Service is now representing the woman. She asked for the remand to September 13 on both charges, without plea, and for a continuation of the original suppression order.

 Judge Holderness granted the remand and continued the suppression, but he said documents would have to be filed with the court ahead of the next hearing if there was going to be an application to have the suppression continued again.

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