Attacker says he’s now getting on with victim

Court House-07A man who whacked another person over the head with a chair in the Amberley library in June, told the Christchurch District Court that he was now getting on with his victim.

Reece James Dick-Durham, 21, was being sentenced on charges of assault with a blunt instrument – the chair– threatening the Amberley policeman, and possession of cannabis.

Defence counsel Margaret Sewell said Dick-Durham had worked hard and was doing well in his employment which was found for him by the constable whose family he had threatened with a molotov cocktail.

Dick-Durham told Judge David Saunders that he was now getting on with the victim of the library attack.

Judge Saunders said the man who was attacked had posted some comments on Facebook which Dick-Durham was sick of.

He attacked the man, but a co-offender had inflicted the real harm on the victim as he had kicked him in the head afterwards.

Judge Saunders sentenced Dick-Durham to four months’ home detention and 120 hours community work, some of which could be converted to a training programme.

Dick-Durham is not to consume or possess alcohol or drugs, and is to be assessed for a drug, alcohol, or anger management programme if recommended by his probation officer.

Dick-Durham was a survivor of a crash at Woodend in May 2010 when a passenger forced a car into the path of a bus and three people were killed. He told the court at an earlier appearance that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and was crying out for help.

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