Post-trial tensions led to assault

Court House-general2Tensions between a father and son about conflicting evidence they gave at a Christchurch District Court trial led to an assault when they returned home after the hearing.

The son, Dean Walter Louis, a 27-year-old farmhand from Yaldhurst, pleaded guilty to the charge of assaulting his father, at an appearance before Judge David Ongley in court today.

Dean Louis had pleaded guilty during the trial to a charge of receiving a stolen Toyota Hilux, and his father Mark Anthony Louis, was found guilty at the end of the trial.

As Mark Louis was remanded for sentence at the end of the trial, he told the judge: “I am just bullied in my own home by him.”

Police said that when the pair returned to the Yaldhurst house where they both lived, they argued and told each other to move. Dean Louis pushed his father over backwards and when he got up, he threw him to the ground. The father received a sore neck. When the police were called, Dean Louis said: “There was pushing and shoving from both sides.”

Defence counsel Paul Norcross said it had been a most unfortunate incident, because of the background.

The men had been involved in a court hearing that day and had given testimony “which conflicted in parts”. “That led to animosity which culminated in this unfortunate incident taking place.”

The father had not suffered any long-term injury. There were now no hard feelings between them. Dean Louis had not been able to have contact with his father while on bail, and the mother and father now wanted him back living at the house.

“He is remorseful for lashing out the way he did,” Mr Norcross said, urging the judge to impose a suspended sentence that would amount to a good behaviour bond.

The judge said he had a victim impact statement that the behaviour was in character and Dean Louis’ anger could be difficult to control. Mr Norcross said he had spoke to the mother and steps were being taken.

Judge Ongley said no penalty would be imposed and Dean Louis would have to come up for sentence within six months if called upon.

The men are due for sentence on the receiving charge on July 23.

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