Sentencing for on-line conman delayed

Court House-general 3Sentencing for a man accused of being an on-line conman has been delayed to July for more preparations to be carried out.

Defence counsel for Shane Bruce Grogan, Ruth Buddicom, asked for the delay so that a new police summary of facts could be prepared for the judge.

The summary – which sets out the details of his offending – was the subject of discussions between the police and the defence and there had been “some misunderstandings”, she told Christchurch District Court Judge Brian Callaghan.

Grogan, 36, has admitted two charges of theft, unlawfully taking a car, dishonestly using a document, and breaching a protection order.

Charges had been travelling separately through the court system but had been brought together for today’s combined sentencing, which then had to be put off to July 1, with Grogan remaining in custody.

Police allege that he befriended women through on-line dating sites before stealing from them. Police received complaints from women in Rotorua, Waimate, and Palmerston North.

The delay will allow an address to be checked for a report on his suitability for a home detention sentence. Ms Buddicom also provided the court and Probation Service with a psychologist’s report that had been prepared on Grogan.

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