Woman ‘snapped’ and threw knife after argument

Court House-Sept-2013-07A pregnant woman threw a knife which lodged in her partner’s forehead after she says she found upsetting messages on his cellphone and then “snapped”.

The pair are no longer a couple, but their baby was born nine weeks ago and the victim continues to be involved in the child’s life.

Shontelle Vinita Marie Prasad, 21, has since undergone counselling and anger management. Her sentencing session in the Christchurch District Court today was told that she grabbed the knife because it was the nearest thing available to throw.

Prasad had admitted causing grievous bodily harm to the man with reckless disregard for his safety in the incident at a New Brighton house on August 2.

Defence counsel Serina Bailey said the knife had lodged in the centre of the man’s forehead. Prasad had left the knife in place and immediately called an ambulance. “Fortunately it was only a shallow wound, and he was only in hospital for a short time. There are no on-going consequences from the injury.”

The man wrote in his victim impact statement for the court: “I don’t want anything to happen to the defendant. I just want her home.” At the time the report was prepared, Prasad was pregnant.

Mrs Bailey said Prasad had snapped when she checked the man’s cellphone after an argument and found a message that had upset her. She had called a woman who had been calling the man, before throwing the knife.

Judge Callaghan said probation assessed the woman’s risk of reoffending as low. She had a supportive family. The recommendation was for home detention.

He noted that Prasad said she had been assaulted by the man earlier in the evening, and said: “Anyone who throws a 30cm knife in someone’s direction must see the possibility of really serious injury occurring.”

He noted Prasad was a first offender, showed remorse, and had taken steps to rehabilitation, and sentenced the mother-of-two to a four-month home detention term and 150 hours of community work. He also gave her a first-strike warning under the system which will impose heavier sentences if she reoffends.

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