Woman admits face stabbing with scissors

Court House-Sept-2013-07A woman who stabbed a man in the face with scissors after an argument has been remanded for sentence after pleading guilty in the Christchurch District Court.

Judge Jane Farish remanded Trudy Anne Coster, 31, on bail for sentence on March 25, and ordered a pre-sentence report and an assessment of her suitability for home detention.

Coster pleaded guilty to a charge of intentionally injuring the man. She had already admitted charges of intentional damage and possession of equipment for using cannabis.

Crown prosecutor Nicola Pointer said Coster confronted the man at a Waltham bar on the evening of April 4. She was angry and aggressive.

The man followed her when she left the bar about 11.30pm. She used an axe to smash the rear window of his car parked in Thackeray Street.

Coster then went home and hid in some bushes. When the man arrived, he went over to the bushes where she was hiding.

She screamed at him, “Stay where you are or I’ll stab you.”

The man put out his hand to help her out of the bushes, but Coster lunged at him and with a pair of first aid scissors and stabbed him in the face, about 1cm above his left eye.

The man went inside the house and used a towel to try to stop the bleeding. Coster stayed outside waving the scissors and shouted, “You’re lucky I don’t get you again.”

The victim needed stitches in the wound, Miss Pointer said.

When police found Coster nearby, she had the scissors hidden in her brassiere. She also had a used cannabis pipe.


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