‘Challenge’ led to stabbing, court told


Court House-Sept-2013-06A man continued a confrontation with his partner even after she had a boning knife embedded 1cm in his body. She kept pushing.

The domestic row ended with the knife pushed in another 4cm and the man heading for hospital.

The 25-year-old woman who used the knife, Amy Lea Hill, today received a seven-month home detention term on a charge of wounding the man with reckless disregard for his safety.

She had pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court and was appearing for sentence before Judge Alistair Garland.

Her release on home detention ended four months in custody and a reunion with her parents who were in court to support her.

Prosecutor Aja Trinder said the Crown noted the steps Hill was taking to address her various issues – counselling has been going on since 2013 – but she had a history of non-compliance with home detention.

Defence counsel Kirsten Gray said Hill had been living in a toxic relationship with her partner at the time of the offence and she had been struggling with her main addiction issue – alcohol.

She was now much more “future focussed” and realised she had been wasting her time. “She is wanting to get on and make something of herself.”

Judge Garland said the stabbing happened in Christchurch on the evening of November 2 when Hill was highly intoxicated and arguing with her partner at home while preparing dinner.

She pointed a boning knife with a 15cm blade at him and threatened him.

He approached her and challenged her to stab him, and she then pushed the knife 1cm into his abdomen.

When he continued to challenge Hill, the knife went in another 4cm.

Hill was upset afterwards and told her flatmates, who called emergency services. The partner was taken to hospital for treatment to a 5cm-deep stab wound.

Judge Garland said Hill had a significant history of offending with convictions for dishonesty, drink driving, and breaches of community-based sentences.

She is now undergoing treatment at Opioid Recovery Services and will also have to do a Salvation Army Bridge rehabilitation programme while on home detention in Parklands. She will be assessed for a departmental rehabilitation programme as well. She is not allowed to contact the victim.



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