Man admits assault with boiling water

Court House-general2A 38-year-old man has admitted assaults on a woman using boiling water, an electrical cord, a knife, a pot, and a towel.

Levi Rushton pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court to three charges of assault with intent to injure, three charges of assaulting a woman, and one charge of threatening to kill.

The Crown summary of facts said in May 2014 Rushton went to Arthur’s Pass for a holiday where he got into an argument with the woman. He flicked boiling water from the sink into her face, grabbed her hair and dragged her down the hallway. He forced her leg over her head and she suffered a muscle strain injury.

In September he was angry and grabbed the same woman by her hair. He kicked her in the face causing her to fall backwards and lose consciousness. She came to with him trying to hit her about the body and head with a pottery garden planter. He put his arms around her throat and ranted about “taking the demons out”. He punched a hole in the bathroom door.

She suffered swelling to her face, bruising on her arms, and lost clumps of hair.

In October he woke the woman up, asking her to talk to him. She turned on the light and he got angry. He punched her to the side of her face and she fell off the bed.

The next day he turned up and was angry again. He verbally abused her, placed his arm across her throat from behind, lifted her off the ground and she fell unconscious.

When she came around he was whipping her about the body with the electrical cord from her laptop. She told him the relationship was over and he left.

In November Rushton invited her to his address for dinner. She went because she wanted to arrange the removal of her property. He approached her in the lounge with his hand behind his back. He then showed her a kitchen knife and held it to her throat saying he was going to kill her.

He pulled the knife away, and she tried to leave, but he threw a hard object at the back of her head and she fell unconscious. When she woke he was trying to push a towel down her throat. She managed to run from the house.

Judge Jane Farish remanded Rushton in custody to August 28 for sentencing, and recommended a restorative justice meeting before then.


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