No conviction over boiling oil assault

Court House-Sept-2013-05An discharge without conviction will be granted to a woman who admitted throwing boiling cooking oil over her partner, as long as she makes a donation to the Women’s Refuge.

Tammylee Ada Ngaronoa Rapana, 25, threw the oil in a post-party argument at their home in Burnham, near Christchurch, and she had pleaded guilty to a charge of injuring with reckless disregard for her partner’s safety.

In the Christchurch District Court yesterday, defence counsel Nicola Hansen said Rapana would make a donation to the Women’s Refuge and offered a payment of $500.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll gave the media his written decision setting out reasons why he was prepared to discharge Rapana without conviction which said Rapana was reckless in her response but was immediately remorseful.

The police accepted that Rapana did not appreciate or anticipate the consequences of her actions, it said.

The couple had an argument, and Rapana grabbed the pot off the stovetop and threw it at her partner. The boiling oil landed on his left arm, left neck, left shoulder and back and he was taken to Christchurch Hospital.

Rapana attended a restorative justice meeting, and was having ongoing counselling, the judge’s decision notes. The victim supports the application by Rapana for a discharge without conviction.

The decision says Rapana had no previous convictions, no history of domestic violence, she was unlikely to re-offend, and she was remorseful.

Judge O’Driscoll said yesterday that Rapana was to make the donation within 28 days, or she would not be discharged without conviction, and would be re-sentenced.


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