The heat goes on Pooh Bear

Court House-entrancePooh Bear has somehow ended up on the front line of Christchurch’s domestic violence scene.

The involvement of A A Milne’s beloved storybook character has emerged from an unlikely looking charging document at the Christchurch District Court.

A 40-year-old Hillsborough man has been charged with deliberately frightening a woman who appears to be a family member “by threatening to damage that person’s property, namely Pooh Bear”.

Whether Pooh Bear is a soft toy, garden ornament, or statuette, the charge does not say.

The case was scheduled for a call at court today, but was dealt with by a registrar without an appearance before a judge.

The police have agreed to consider the diversion scheme for first offenders facing minor charges, which allows them to avoid a criminal conviction, so the case was remanded to February 23 for that decision.


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