Extra jail time for Trade Me cheat

Court House-Sept-2013-08Jayden William Francis Callander will have to repay thousands of dollars for his online cheating when he offered to sell car parts on Trade Me, but that will only cover part of the losses.

The 21-year-old was jailed for two years seven months for dishonesty offending in August and now another six months has been added to the sentence for his Trade Me activities.

He had pleaded guilty to seven charges of dishonestly accessing a computer system and causing loss.

Christchurch District Court Judge Gary MacAskill yesterday ordered Callander to repay $3370 to his victims, who are scattered all over New Zealand.

But he could not order him to pay Trade Me’s costs of $2625 for investigating the frauds which happened in September and early October 2014, when Callander offered car parts for sale, took money from on-line customers but failed to deliver the goods.

Tom Smedley said Callander had sent a letter of apology to one of the victims through Restorative Justice Services, but the victims had not been interested in meeting the offender at a restorative justice meeting.

He said Callander had begun using drugs after the loss of his mother, and then offended to pay for his habit because of costs and “taxing” imposed by his associates. He accepted Callander had a significant criminal history, but he had been doing courses in prison, including NCEA, and he wanted to look for work after his release to enable him to pay reparation.

Judge MacAskill said a deterrent sentence had to be imposed because online offending was prevalent.


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