Serial windscreen washer fined $750

Court House-07A persistent roadway window washer has copped a $750 fine.

Gary Lee Cooper, of Redwood, told the police he was washing windscreens at the Northcote Road-Main North Road corner to get money to pay for his household power.

The 41-year-old has not come to the Christchurch District Court for his appearances for the Local Government Act prosecution but the case went ahead as a formal proof hearing today.

At a formal proof hearing, the police put forward details to establish the facts even where the person charged is not present and has not indicated a guilty plea.

Cooper had been charged in December with providing window washing services to stationary motorists in return for payment without the written authority of the Christchurch City Council, on August 18.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Simcox said Cooper had been formally warned on July 17 for breaching the city council’s rules about commercial activities in a public place by washing car windows.

At 3.30pm on August 18, he was seen washing windscreens for cars stopped at the busy intersection in north Christchurch.

He admitted doing it, and said he had been getting money to pay for household power, Sergeant Simcox said.

The police said the city council had a public places bylaw which prohibited commercial activities without a counsel permit.

Bob McGregor and Sheryl Sutherland, Justices of the Peace, decided the police had proved the case and imposed a fine of $750 plus court costs of $130.

Mr McGregor noted it was the sixth time that Cooper had been charged with a similar offence.


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