Jail likely for ‘amateur hour’ robberies

Court House-Sept-2013-05A 20-year-old is in custody after admitting he was the ringleader for two armed dairy robberies described as “amateur hour exercises” by a judge.

Defence counsel Craig Ruane applied for bail for Joshua Felise Nuu pending sentencing, saying that the robberies were “pretty amateur” since no disguises had been used and the incidents had been caught on security camera.

But Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave told Nuu: “Stupidity is not a ground for granting people bail.”

He remanded Nuu in custody for sentencing on May 10, after guilty pleas on charges of armed robbery and assault with intent to rob.

Mr Ruane said prison was not inevitable. Judge Neave disagreed but asked for a report on Nuu’s suitability for home detention anyway. He accepted that Nuu had been co-operative with the polce, and his family had taken him to the police station, but he believed a prison term would be imposed because there were two incidents and someone had been hurt.

Police posted images and made an appeal on Facebook after the robberies, and Nuu’s family then took him to the police station where he admitted being the ringleader.

He told police a friend had died recently and he had found things tough. He knew he would be caught for the robberies.

Nuu was armed with a hammer when he went to a dairy in Avonside, and an associate was armed with a knife. A third, unidentified, robber drove the car.

Huu demanded cigarettes and cash and got about $500 in the first robbery on January 8.

At another dairy in Bowhill Road on January 25, he and his associate went in and tried to rob the 21-year-old Chinese woman who became upset. She lay curled on the floor, but Huu swung the hammer causing a graze on her forearm.

When the woman’s mother came to her aid, the two robbers ran out and drove away, without taking anything.

Nuu’s alleged co-offender appears at court tomorrow.


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