Four years’ jail for knife attack on friend

Court House-general2A frenzied knife attack on a friend has landed a man in prison for four years.

41-year-old Massey William Whakamoe’s temper saw him taking a knife to his victim after an argument and trading punches left him with uncontrollable anger.

He went into the kitchen and picked up a knife, then stabbed his friend several times in the face, arm, and shoulder in what Christchurch District Court Judge Paul Kellar said was a “frenzied attack”.

The victim required surgery for the wounds, and spent several days in hospital.

He was sentenced on a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and was given the first of the three strikes warnings for repeat violent offenders.

Defence counsel Nick Rout said Whakamoe’s pre-sentence report referred to his upbringing in a gang, his substance abuse, and mental health issues.

He said Whakamoe had done drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and was getting hospitality training in prison.

Judge Paul Kellar said the attack occurred on September 24, after people in a house had been drinking and smoking cannabis.

He said the attack could have had a worse outcome, and the attack was on someone Whakamoe had regarded as a friend.

Whakamoe was assessed as a high risk reoffender, and his anger rated him at a high risk of causing harm to potential victims.

Judge Kellar said Whakamoe was isolated and his life was unstructured. He had never been employed. He was prone to violence and offending, and had not used the skills he had learnt in previous rehabilitation courses.

He sentenced Whakamoe to prison for four years, and acknowledged the positive steps he had taken in prison while on remand.



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