Remand inmate admits prison bashing

File image. © Andrew Bardwell
File image. © Andrew Bardwell

A Christchurch man who bashed a fellow prisoner with a shower head in a sock while in custody over two police car chases has pleaded guilty and been jailed for three years.

Ethan Olegovitch Budayev, 20, waived his right to a pre-sentence report and was jailed in the Christchurch District Court immediately after pleading guilty.

The remand prisoner he bashed in the incident in the exercise yard at Christchurch Prison, who is believed to have gang connections, was left with lumps and bruises to his head and face.

The victim of the bashing has declined to provide a victim impact statement.

Budayev struck him without warning three times with the make-shift cosh before punching and stomping him, and another prisoner joined in.

Budayev pleaded guilty to 14 charges before Judge John Macdonald. He admitted the prison assault with a weapon, breach of prison release conditions, reckless driving, failing to stop for the police, driving while disqualified, receiving a stolen car worth $5000, possession of a restricted weapon – a taser – and knuckle-dusters which are regarded as an offensive weapon, and breaching bail.

Many of the charges related to driving incidents on January 15 and March 14 when he sped away from police. He went through a red lights, and drove at excessive speed. One chase ended in Huxley Street, where he was tracked by a police dog, and the other ended him with him being stopped in Maces Road.

Judge Macdonald jailed him and also disqualified him from driving for 18 months.

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