Laneway Cafe marks Year One

DSCF5731Laneway Café has marked its first year in its permanent premises in Durham Street with a one-year birthday party for its regulars.

The swish operation has actually been providing great coffees and food to the inhabitants of the Christchurch Court House for years.

Stu and the staff began their operations in a caravan, and then moved to a more substantial set-up and then moved into a building when it was finished and became available.

The Court House crew — judges, lawyers, staff, media, and other regulars — have stuck with them for the quality offerings and the chance to have actual conversations away from the Court House itself.

It has been a loyal relationship both ways. The criminal justice fraternity has been happy to support an operation that set up shop in a part of the central city that was pretty barren after the earthquakes, serving a clientele that really, really needed coffee at the time, and still does.

Congratulations Stu and your friendly crew. Great work. See you at the morning adjournment on Monday.

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