Child cancer donation for drone flight

Court House-Sept-2013-06The Child Cancer Foundation has gained a $500 windfall from the prosecution of Kaiapoi man Simon Roy Reeve who breached Civil Aviation rules by flying his drone at Pines Beach when a helicopter was fighting a fire.

The donation was a condition of Reeve’s discharge without conviction after the charges against him were found proved by Christchurch District Court Judge Gary MacAskill.

Reeve, 38, was getting aerial video coverage of the fire-fighting operation but was convicted over the incident in January 2015 at a trial in April this year.

The charge involved causing unnecessary endangerment by flying the Phantom II drone while the helicopter was fire-fighting in the area. The court also heard of Reeve being prosecuted for flying the drone in controlled airspace without authorisation but no convictions needed to be entered in those cases, the judge said.

Judge MacAskill agreed to defence counsel Rupert Glover’s application last month, at the sentencing, for Reeve to be discharged without conviction, but the condition was that Reeve make a $500 donation to the charity of his choice.

The case was called before Judge MacAskill again today when Mr Glover confirmed that the donation had been made, and the discharge was granted.

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