Rehab programme for ‘incredibly dangerous driving’

Police car-Sept2013-03A man has been sentenced to six month’s home detention at Odyssey House for “incredibly dangerous reckless driving”, after a high speed police chase across town in January.

Ricky Shane Stampa, 32, was told by Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish that he had been given chances, and should be locked up because he was a menace. He had been sentenced last year on similar offending, and was still disqualified from driving when this incident occurred.

But his latest pre-sentence report said Stampa had a long standing drug addiction problem and now realised he had to stop.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson said Stampa was committed to the Odyssey House rehabilitation programme. He said he had been gifted land and trees on the West Coast, and wanted to turn it into a business.

Judge Farish said she was sentencing Stampa on his eighth driving while disqualified offence, his reckless driving which was incredibly dangerous, failing to stop for police, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, possession of a methamphetamine pipe, a breach of the Medicines Act, and failing to answer District Court bail. He had pleaded guilty.

Stampa was driving in Parklands early on January 15, when he accelerated away from a police patrol car using its lights and siren.

He drove on the wrong side of a roundabout, and did 100km an hour on Bower Avenue. He turned his lights off and continued through Wainoni and Linwood at speed.

In Aldwins Road police road spikes blew out two of his tyres, but he continued driving, turned onto Brougham Street and drove along on the wrong side.

He lost control of the car on the corner of Milton Street and Strickland Street and crashed into a fence.

A police sergeant tried to stop him running off, and was punched in the face, and five policemen restrained him.

Judge Farish sentenced Stampa to six months’ home detention at Odyssey House, with a further 12 months’ release conditions to undertake post-release programmes as recommended. She told him he would be judicially monitored so she would get reports on his progress every three months.

She also disqualified him from driving for a further 15 months, which meant he could not drive until 2019.


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