Belligerent accused continues non-cooperation

luke-james-henry-police-photo-2016-09-11-wantedA man who acted up in front of the judge at his last appearance was unco-operative again today on a video-link in the Christchurch District Court.

Luke James Henry, 31, had declined legal aid and wanted to represent himself.

He told Judge Gary MacAskill that he had not received disclosure from the police yet.

The police officer in court said Henry had written an expletive on the disclosure sheet, meaning he had been given it.

Judge MacAskill asked Henry again if he had received disclosure, and was told not to ask stupid questions, and swore at him. Henry got up and left the video-link booth at the Christchurch Men’s Prison.

Judge MacAskill asked the police to make sure Henry had full disclosure before his next appearance, and the court registrar was to send the next date to him.

He remanded him in custody to October 17 where he will appear again by video-link.

Last time he appeared, Henry made a throat-cutting gesture to his alleged rape victim who was sitting in the court’s public seating and was visible to him over the two-way video-link.

Henry appeared on three rape charges, a kidnap charge, two sexual violation charges, four assault charges, reckless driving, failing to stop for police, and driving while his licence was suspended. He has entered no pleas.

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