Criminal offending continued on home detention

Two months after being given a chance on home detention, Rangiora woman Kelsi Anne Sherriff was found with stolen property, firearms, and a meth pipe at her house.

The 25-year-old decorator will not be getting another chance on home detention. Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll ruled it out when he remanded her for sentence after her guilty pleas yesterday.

Community Probation has also asked for her to be re-sentenced on the charges that got her the home detention term in August – supplying methamphetamine, selling cannabis, and possessing a pipe for methamphetamine.

The court was told in August that she had allowed her house to be taken over by drug offenders, and then “joined in” and supplied methamphetamine to fund her own habit.

Counsel Steve Rollo said she would struggle with a jail or home detention term because her pre-sentence report said she had anxiety issues. He recommended the judge sentence her to community detention so she could attend appointments set up by ACC, and her physiotherapist.

The home detention term began at her Victoria Street address in Rangiora on August 26.

On October 28, police raided the address under a search warrant.

They found four jackets worth $1850 hanging on a rack in a sleep-out. They had been stolen in a ram-raid on Kathmandu’s Christchurch shop eight days earlier. A fifth jacket was found on another offender who was visiting the address. He was also arrested for receiving stolen property.

Police found two firearms under Sherriff’s bed. One was a disassembled single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun which had recently been painted and was scattered around the floor.

The other firearm was a 650mm-long, cut-down .22 calibre pump action pistol.

A pipe used for smoking methamphetamine was found next to the bed.

Sherriff said the jackets had recently arrived from an associate and she did not know where they had come from. The disassembled shotgun was “for display”, she said.

Asked about the meth pipe, she said she was attempting to get on top of her drug habit and still using it occasionally.

She pleaded guilty to charges of recklessly receiving stolen property, and unlawful possession of the two firearms and the pipe.

Judge O’Driscoll remanded her in custody to January 26 for a probation report and sentencing, and for re-sentencing on the earlier charges.

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