Mob member admits police assault

A Mongrel Mob member has admitted punching a policeman three times, and breaking his glasses, in an incident during a traffic stop Cheviot, North Canterbury, in March last year.

Adam Travis, 41, of Aranui, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault with intent to injure in the Christchurch District Court today, and was sentenced to prison. Two firearms charges were withdrawn.

Judge Tom Gilbert said that on March 20, 2016, Travis was in a car driving through Cheviot when two police officers saw some of the occupants they were interested in speaking to.

They stopped the car and asked for names and details from the people.

Earlier at a pre-trial argument for the charge, Judge Gilbert found that the stop was unlawful, but said today that once the car was stopped the people in it got confrontational.

They rounded on the officers, and Travis punched one of them three times, breaking his glasses. The officer received minor injuries.

The volunteer fire brigade was called, but police asked them to stay nearby, until police reinforcements could arrive.

Judge Gilbert said police were entitled to go about their job without fear of assault, especially in rural areas.

The officer’s victim impact report said he thought he was going to be seriously injured or possibly killed.

Judge Gilbert sentenced Travis to prison for 15 months, and ordered a $200 reparation payment to the officer for his broken glasses.


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