Passenger charged with spitting assault

A woman who allegedly spat at a crew member, and abused staff and passengers on a flight from Auckland to Christchurch, has been charged with the assaulting a woman.

Kiri Marsh, 32, is said to have stood in the aisle of plane as it landed in Christchurch on May 24, and was arrested by police and aviation security.

Marsh was given a registrar’s remand for the assault charge at the Christchurch District Court today, which meant that she did not appear in the court room, and her next court date is June 13.

Passengers on the flight said Marsh rolled a cigarette and waved it around while urging the plane to go faster. She was reported to have sworn and abused flight’s air hostesses, and refused to sit in her seat.

The passengers clapped as she was handcuffed and taken off the plane.

She was remanded on bail, without plea.

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