Security guard raided $179,300 from cash machine

A security company employee stole $179,300 from a cash machine he was meant to be guarding and buried most of it in his garden.

The Christchurch District Court was told that Tony John Williams, 37, was employed by the large, nationwide security company as a Cash in Transit crew member.

The security company was not named at court.

The ATM machine at 70 Rolleston Drive was refilled in a laundromat shop, with a key and an alarm code for after hour entry into the shop.

Early in the morning on Saturday January 21, Williams unlawfully entered the laundromat, unlocked the rear of the ATM machine and disarmed it.

He removed two cassette containing $50 and $20 notes.

He left the premises and removed the cash, dumping the two empty cassettes in a waterway in Halswell.

Williams resigned from the company three days later.

When police spoke to him he admitted the burglary, and led them to where he had buried $130,000 in the garden, and hidden $10,000 inside the address.

He had already spent nearly $38,000 on groceries, cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, flights, concert tickets, a drone, and a piano. He also paid off his personal debts with it.

Police are seeking reparation and forfeiture of some of the items.

Defence counsel Karen Vesty said Williams disputed the reparation sought by police.

Judge Josephine Bouchier remanded Williams on bail for sentencing on August 8. She asked for an assessment for a restorative justice meeting, a reparation report, and a pre-sentence report with a report to assess Williams’ suitability for a home detention sentence.


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