Fresh arrest warrant issued for Scribe no-show

Another arrest warrant has been issued for hip-hop artist Malo Ioane Luafutu, known as Scribe, after he failed to get to another Christchurch court appearance on drug and weapon charges.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tony Couch issued the warrant at 2.45pm on Tuesday afternoon, and declined to give Luafutu a chance to report to the police or Court House in Porirua.

Defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger said she had been in text contact with Luafutu during the morning and he said he had missed his flight to Christchurch and could not get another one in time.

She asked for a further remand without plea to Friday, when he was confident he could get to Christchurch from Porirua, with the warrant “to lie in court” and not be executed in the meantime.

Judge Couch said: “A warrant is certainly justified. This is the fourth failure to appear (in court) on these matters, by my count.”

He noted that Luafutu had had several defence counsel.

“I’m not inclined to give this defendant any more leniency,” said the judge. “I am going to issue the warrant and decline to allow it to lie.”

Luafutu faced charges that on April 2, at Christchurch, he had an offensive weapon – a bat – in a public place, possession of the class A drug amphetamine, and possession of a pipe for using amphetamine.

He also faced two earlier charges of failing to answer bail, one of them for failing to appear at court in Christchurch.

Luafutu contacted the police after an arrest warrant was publicised on the police Facebook page last month, and then appeared in the Pororua District Court last month.

The case was then remanded for an appearance in Christchurch, and a lawyer was arranged to represent him. Miss Bulger said today that Luafutu was now in Porirua.

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