Murder parolee recalled to prison

File image. © Andrew Bardwell
File image. © Andrew Bardwell

A man convicted of strangling his wife to death in 1991 has told the Christchurch District Court that he thought the Parole Board had let him out of prison too early.

Dean Raymond Purdy has been recalled to prison for a breach of his release conditions.

Purdy was convicted in the High Court in Auckland in May 1991 of the murder of his wife Deborah Purdy, who was a prostitute. He strangled her after they quarrelled over whether she would continue to ply her trade, the Crown said at the trial.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and already had two convictions for breaches of his release conditions before he breached it again recently in Christchurch.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson told the court Purdy wanted to be sentenced to a short term of imprisonment for the breach. He said that Purdy could not deal with the pressures outside of prison, and wanted to stay there to get more help.

He said Purdy wasn’t ready to be released when the Parole Board let him out of prison, and his breach was that he stayed away from his parole residence for a night.

Judge Alistair Garland sentenced Purdy to three months prison concurrent with the life term.

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